On your first visit

Health & Lifestyle Initial questionnaire

On your first treatment we will sit down together and go through a Confidential Health and lifestyle Questionnaire. During this session we will review your medical history as well as lifestyle to help us understand your health requirements and goals. Within this session we will create some stepping stone health goals for you.

During this session your therapist will explain how the treatment works and give you time to  ask any questions you may have which will help you to feel fully relaxed. Your therapist will also explain how exactly Colon Hydrotherapy can benefit your body and also your specific health goals. Your consultation can take up to half an hour and will take place immediately before your first treatment.

Dietary advice

Prior to your treatment the is no need to fast, however please do not consume any heavy foods up to 5 hours before your treatment, choose lighter meals. It is also important to be hydrated to get the most from your treatment. Try to have at least 4 pints of water per day for at least one week before your treatment if possible. 

If you would like to bring a basic diary of your previous 24 - 72 hours food consumption this may be useful for the therapist who will be giving you guidance with your nutrition during this session. There maybe a few nutritional adjustments that we suggest to you which will aid you while working towards your overall health goals.

If you do require more guidance and support with your nutrition in order to reach your health goals there are more specific nutrition packages available which your therapist can go through with you on the day of your treatment.