Colon does it work...

Below is a short example of Colon Hydrotherapy treatment.

On your first treatment please allow 90 minutes for your first visit, 30 minutes for you initial consultation and one hour for your treatment. After your first treatment, any further colon hydrotherapy sessions you will need to allow an hour for each treatment.

Your therapist will give you feedback on each session and guidance regarding any positive changes which may need to be made and when your next session maybe needed.

The Treatment

After you have completed the initial medical in confidence forms, your therapist will go through the treatment process and how colonics work and the gravity system that your therapist will be using. You will then be given some privacy to get changed, you will be given a large blanket to cover your lower half of your body and you will keep your top half of your clothing on.

Once you are ready and lying comfortably on the treatment couch the therapist will come back into the room and start the treatment process.

It is very normal to feel nervous before your first treatment, it is the skill of the therapist to help you feel relaxed and comfortable which will help you to overcome the initial butterfly's you may feel.

The therapist will ensure the water temperature set to body temperature for you. The flow of highly filtered water will be gently introduced slowly into your colon ensuring a comfortable and beneficial excretion of waste.

During your treatment the temperature of the water may change slightly to ensure you have the most beneficial treatment and to help re-educate and normalise the nerves in your bowel.

Sometimes during your treatment your therapist may gently massage your lower abdomen to aid the release of waste. 

Your therapist will be talking throughout your treatment and informing you of what is happening at different stages, educating you on nutrition, and overall supporting you.

Once the colon hydrotherapy treatment is complete you will spend some time in the bathroom to ensure any remaining water has come through. Once you are dressed your therapist will return to your treatment room and go through aftercare, treatment plan and go through any nutritional advice which you may benefit from.

Whether or not you have experienced colon hydrotherapy elsewhere, you will find Maidstone Colonic to be unique and special in the service that we provide and we have no doubt that you will leave feeling happy and healthier.